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The Creative Retailer needs you!

TCR is looking for help collaborating, designing and painting samples for upcoming Collections.

- Open to anyone in the US (lower 48).

- Collaborators design and paint a themed Collection of pieces that are sent to TCR to be photographed.

Each Collection will feature either 4 pieces (dinner plate, salad plate, mug and bowl) or three pieces (charger, dinner plate and bowl or mug).

- Bisque pieces are generic and should not be identifiable to one particular manufacturer (plates, platters, bowls, mugs, vases, flower pots, etc.).

- Underglazes can be from any manufacturer. 

- Designs:

* no copyright or trademark designs

* current trends, styles and colors

* designs may be seasonal, holiday or follow a theme (color, pattern, inspirational, love, humor, food, animal, etc. etc.)

* silkscreens and stickers may be used to create the designs 

* no stencils, no dimensional paint, no airbrushing

- $150 per set of four designs

- Plus a set of branded photographs with your logo (other branding as desired) of the Collection your created

- TCR pays shipping the pieces to NC

Please submit your name, studio name, location, phone number and sample photos of your artwork to


Hillary Mathewson

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