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It's time to take daily social media posting AND sending emails OFF your to-do list!


Your studio's Facebook and Instagram* daily posts will be scheduled the first of each month (approx 40 posts per month, on your business FB and IG pages). Content will be a mix of engaging, humor and relevant images/GIF's and text (holidays, seasonal) PLUS the hashtags of your choice. You will continue to share studio-specific updates like change of hours, upcoming events/links, holiday deadlines, reels and videos. 

Studios using SMM will also have 4 -6 posts a month from TCR's Everyone Creates series. Everyone Creates encourages, reminds, supports, celebrates and promotes the pure joy of one's own creativity - and the importance of making creativity a habit.

We'll check-in and review what posts are converting to clicks, sign-ups and sales, then plan how to grow your reach using the most successful content.


NEWFB/IG stories and reels - and - TikTok/YouTube videos: now scheduling your videos, too! Keep in mind that these videos can most definitely be repeated, meaning videos can be shared more than once - AND meaning your visibility and reach just keep growing. 


To sign up for only the Social Media Manager service, $100/month, click here.


Two different emails will be sent each month (around the first and fifteenth). You will submit links, updates and relevant studio info for me to include - there will be nothing generic about the emails! It's all about your studio and your events, new inventory, updates and parties. Five days after every email is sent, I will share a report of its stats; we'll also continue to check-in and review which emails are best at converting to clicks, sign-ups and sales. We'll continue to plan how to grow your sales with future emails using the most successful subject lines, content and links. 


Are you collecting emails on your website? Do you want a better method to grow your list from your website? I will help you develop a strategy for your website and get it online for you.


To sign up for only the Email Marketing service, $100/month, click here.

GET STARTED TODAY WITH BOTH SERVICES: ​$195/month, cancel anytime. Click the PayPal button below to sign up. 


- Free TCR membership (2,200+ images - and more added monthly - and tons of marketing guides and resources; $379 a year savings).

- Ongoing marketing support: I'll create fliers, update your website, help update your studio's branding and work with you to create a marketing plan for 2023.

Think of how many hours you'll free up each month - and how you can grow your business! 


Time To Clay

"It’s 10:30am and I already have 2 camp sign ups, a resin class sign up, a kids egg class and a party booking since my email hit mail boxes this morning!! Made about $1,000 and we don’t open for another 1/2 an hour."

* Instagram posts: I use Meta's scheduling platform to schedule FB and IG together. Your studio's IG account must be connected to your FB/Meta page. I do not post separately on a studio's IG page.

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