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year opened (by you or another person)

did you buy an existing business? If yes, when did you buy it (mo/year) 

number of employees 

do you have a manager

t-shirt shirt size

food allergies

there will be a bunk room where most attendees will stay. Is that ok? But you don't have to share a bed

may we send this info to our speakers so that they can prepare for their presentation (not t-shirt size!). They may send you an email ahead of time with a few brief questions, as well. This is so that they can provide the best and most accurate info for you


- waterfront 

- pics

Registration includes:

SESSIONS and professional development


- Arrive anytime Monday, October 2 after 1pm - no scheduled sessions or activities other than water, house etc paddle boards

- breakfast Tues, Wed, Thurs

- lunch Tues, Wed

- dinner and dessert Tues (we are going to a restaurant Wed and everyone is responsible fore their drinks and meal)

- drinks on hand the entire event: coffee, tea, Sprite, water, orange juice (BYOB any alcohol, beer, wine, etc - a grocery store is nearby to purchase)

- snacks on hand the entire event


Navigating The Middle

You and Your Business:

Ensuring They Both Keep Getting Better

Oct 2 - Oct 5, 2023, Lake Norman, NC
- > Navigating The Middle is designed specifically for creative business owners with 8+ years of ownership.
- > For your planning purposes, the lake house is in Terrell, NC (the north side of Lake Norman; 45 minutes north of the Charlotte Douglas International Airport).

- > The following info will be shared with the event's guest speakers to help them prepare for their work with you. Your name and business name will not be shared.
- > If you are registering yourself and a second owner, submit two forms.
- > MEMBER RATE IS FOR EVERYONE, THROUGH 9/10: $800 per person 
▶️ Four days, three nights. 
▶️ For you, the awesome individual: a lakefront home in a peaceful cove with gorgeous views, a large dock and a variety of watersports, all meals (except Wed dinner out on the town), drinks, snacks, goodies, swag, rest and relaxation. 
▶️ For you, the amazing business owner: an incredibly diverse and well-rounded panel of speakers, presentations and discussions to meet you where you are today in your business and life. You will leave with a better understanding of not only what's next, but a new clarity for prioritizing and optimizing, both personally and professionally.
Ecommerce: what do you sell/book online?
What is your t-shirt size?

Navigating The Middle is SOLD OUT

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