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Consistency is huge when it comes to marketing, especially posting on social media. These small stickers are the perfect reminder for your studio calendar to post images of your customers in action: celebrating at a child's party, a date night painting mugs, a dog getting its paw painted, a new baby's footprints on a plate, an office outing, a group of ladies .. it goes on and on!


Photos of people IN ACTION shows your audience - especially new and prospective customers - what your studio literally looks like, as they are "doing". 


A week (or two ...) can go by and you've missed posting these important 'action' shots. Don't let that happen! These small (.75") handy reminder stickers will have you - and your staff! - posting and engaging consistently. 


--> Two sheets FREE plus free shipping for Social Media Manager members.

--> Free shipping for members of The Creative Retailer.

--> $2.99 shipping anywhere in the US, use promo code CALENDAR


Two sheets per order (108/sheet, 216 stickers total - enough for your calendar and the studio calendar!)

Calendar stickers: social media reminders

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