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Consistency is so important for getting results from your marketing.


Keeping it all organized and remembering what to do and when - so you're consistent! - is a whole 'nother thing. 


TCR introduces a quick and easy (and visible) way to plan and post "action shots" consistently: stickers for your studio planner/calendar. 


They are the perfect visual reminder to plan and post images of your customers in action: whether it's celebrating at a child's party, a date night painting mugs, a dog getting its paw painted, a new baby's footprints on a plate, an office outing, a group of ladies .. there are so many opportunities to capture action shots!


Photos of people DOING shows your audience - especially new and prospective customers - what your studio literally looks like, in action. A picture is truly worth a thousand words. 


A week (or two ...) can go by and you've missed posting action shots. Don't let that happen! These small (.75") handy and highly visible stickers will have you - and your staff! - posting and engaging consistently. 

TIP 1: Repurpose your content! There's absolutely no reason why you should put away a winner (lots of reactions, likes and/or shares). Make a folder on the studio desktop for those winner pics. When the day comes and you have no new action shots (and that will happen), go to your folder and pic one! 

TIP 2: What about the other days? A mix of content is a must. Engaging, humorous, educational. Ask questions. Inform. Teach. Be creative!  

TIP 3: How often should you post action shots? At least twice a week. 

TIP 4: You or your staff initials the sticker when a new post is up to confirm it's been done.


--> TCR's Social Media Manager members: No charge for two sheets of stickers plus free shipping (all free!)


--> Members of The Creative Retailer: $4 off and free shipping. Use promo code TCR2023.

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