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Grab your 70 email subject lines!*

Need more help with email sign-ups or design? Let's discuss how to best use email for your studio. Email me or call, 704-619-2489

- Hillary 

*Remember that subject line I used in my email (Brain-boosting benefits of painting pottery)? Reference this info when discussing how important creating is for everyone:

- Feeling Artsy? Here's How Making Art Helps Your Brain

- Crafting calm

These ceramicists prove that what we eat on matters

- How to Stimulate Creativity in Children

- Nurturing Creativity In Young Learners Crucial To Changing The World


Time To Clay

"It’s 10:30am and I already have 2 camp sign ups, a resin class sign up, a kids egg class and a party booking since my email hit mail boxes this morning!! Made about $1,000 and we don’t open for another 1/2 an hour."

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