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Consistent marketing builds your community and grows your sales  


First email of the month: send me your updates by the 27th through Slack (to be sent to your customers the 1st-3rd every month)

Second email of the month: send me your updates by the 12th through Slack (to be sent to your customers the 15th-17th every month)

If I do not receive your updates, I will create the email based on info on your website and social media.

A draft will be sent to your email address; I will also post a reminder in your Slack account.

Emails will not be sent until you approve the final draft. Two reminders will be sent through Slack to proof your email. Emails not approved by the 4th and 18th of each month will not be sent. 


 - - Please email me - - 

 Emails convert to sales

An informed customer is a buying customer



2023 Important dates  


Due: Fri, Nov 10th 

Sent Sun, Nov 12th (Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Small Business Sat happenings)

Due: Sat, Nov 25th 

Sent Mon, Nov 27 (BIG push for painting; Dec hours, online gc sales)


Due: Sun, Dec 10th 

Sent Tues, Dec 12th (BIG last push; online gc sales, hours through New Years)

Due: Sat, Dec 23

Sent Wed, Dec 27 (holiday hours; family visits; any Christmas sales)

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