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google review toolkit


- If you do not have a Google Business Profile page, simply Google your business name and claim the business. You'll complete some basic info, and voila! You did the first - and VERY important - step of growing your exposure and driving new customers into your studio. 

- The bottom area of the page is Reviews, and where you get the link that sends customers DIRECTLY to your review page.

google review toolkit


- Use eye-catching reminders that their review (EVERY review!) counts

- Download these images directly to your computer (blue cloud)

- Use the Canva link (pink link) to edit the graphics: add your studio name, branding, etc.

- Use the images with the frame to drop in your QR code (links directly to your review page).

- Click the QR Code to learn more about this powerful tool and how to get yours! 

Screenshot 2023-06-03 065345.png
google review toolkit
google review toolkit
google review toolkit
google review toolkit


Positive reviews on your Business Profile benefit your business in many ways:

* they are a ranking factor in local search results (meaning the better the reviews, the better the ranking).

* lead to a higher click-through rate (a prospective customer sees the positivity, and they want in, too!).

* they create social proof and build trust in your business.

Who will leave the best reviews? Those fabulous people sitting at your tables!

* put a table sign (Amazon: great 4x6 acrylic frames, $2 each!) on every workspace with the Google review graphic and QR code for a quick scan, sending your customer directly to your studio's review page. Even though a review can take less than 30 seconds, it means the world to your business.

* signage in the bathroom with the QR code (yes, above the tp roll). It's the perfect opportunity to get a quick review. I'm sure there's some creative wording for doing something while they sit ... 

Here's a few other important places for that Google Review graphic and QR code

* your front door/window(s)

* party room, clay room, other creating spaces in your studio

* displays and your POS

* your car

* bag stuffer (a flier in the bags or stapled to bags)

* party tags on the children's pieces going home

* party tags on the pieces going home from a team building, ladies night, etc.

* all pieces going home from classes, events and camp

And a few important online places to embed the link to your Google Review page (two samples pictured: a customer clicks on the image and it takes them to your Google Review page)

* website

* emails

* directories (listing in your center's website, etc.)


If not a Google Review image (like the two pictured), then a clickable link for

* digital marketing

* texting

Using you Google Review link

The Creative Retailer's Google Review link is:

OR, use bitly to shorten it:

OR embed it in content: I am so grateful for the support of the studio community! I would love to be able to help more business owners. Please rate my services on Google, and feel free to leave a quick comment. Thank you! Really, if you could leave me a review, I would love it! 

* share your link on your Facebook page

* share other reviews (pictured) on social media, your website and emails

* display reviews in your studio!

Your biggest fans will NOT feel troubled to share their glowing feedback!

google review toolkit
google review toolkit


whether you like it or not (from a business standpoint)

- Embrace the platform by USING the platform. The more you "feed it" the more it likes you.

- Write your own reviews of local businesses, keep your business page updated and post class and event updates two or three times a month. What?!?! .... 

- Look at all you can do (pictured: Your business on Google and the "Add Update"). Sure, it may not be seen as much as your other marketing channels, BUT, again, Google loves Google and when you use Google consistently and in many ways, Google rewards you with a stronger and more visible presence in searches. And then all of these posts and updates WILL be seen, because Google is sending you more visitors. 

Make Google Business updates a once-a-month, 15 minute project. Get alerts when new reviews are posted (and respond accordingly). Never stop asking for reviews. Your happy customers will take the time to do it - and they will write the best, most glowing feedback, showering your studio with accolades. Who wouldn't want to try out your studio after a handful of those appear on a Google search?

Need help with any of the Google work? Email me! - Hillary 

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