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Marketing Resources, Shortcuts And Insight

I gathered some helpful tips and steps for upping your game, as well as inspiration and some entertainment. Enjoy! Feedback or suggestions? Please leave a comment below.

Facebook: ideal photo sizes for your cover photo, profile picture, post image, event image, group page photo, ads images guidelines,

Instagram: ideal photo sizes for posts, videos, stories, IGTV reels and videos,

How to Use a Business Pinterest Account For Marketing and Brand Growth,

Meet Melanie Perkins, 30, founder of Canva,

Marketing calendar (2022, printable) with holidays and planning space,

Tips for planning this year's marketing (scroll to the bottom),

Trendy paint colors for 2022,

10 Habits Successful Creative Shop Owners Have in Common,

Derek Sivers ( list of books he's read with quick, pinpoint insight, (sorted by top recommendations first)

And if you're a Derek Sivers fan, listen to him on three different episodes of the Tim Ferriss podcast:

- Tools of Titans,

- The Art of Living With Less Stress,

- Follow-up interview (2+ hours),

And from the amazing content and video creator Casey Neistat: Make it Count

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