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Reducing s-p-a-m on social

I have had a lot of questions about spam on social media posts and why it's happening more often: is it because posts are scheduled? Is it the platform used to schedule? Is it the content? Am I posting too frequently?

You've heard of bots (computers programmed to post thousands of messages, posing as people or companies), phishing (getting you to click a link and share account/sensitive info) and just plain spam posts (anyone can create as many FB profiles as they want, pretending to be a different person in every profile).

Until the social media platforms do more to get this type of activity under control, we will all continue to have these issues. Unfortunately, there is not a simple or quick way to stop any of it.

So, what’s a business owner to do to minimize the effects of these aggravating comments and posts?

You can block specific words from appearing in the comments on a FB page: read more and take the steps to block them.

Block people from posting on your business page: read more and take the steps to block them.

You will be tagged in these type of posts:

Report these as spam. NEVER click on a link to confirm your account. If you are uncertain if it’s spam or phishing, go to the page it’s posted from and you’ll see that it was either just created, people have replied to a post that’s a scam, or there’s only one or two posts. FB will never reach out to you via a FB-made page.

If you’re willing to pay for a service, you can (almost) eliminate them.

BrandFort is a content manager with free and paid levels of service. I have added all of the pyop social media accounts I manage to my free BrandFort account and will keep you posted on what it picks up!

I have seen social media pages from large and small businesses suddenly inaccessible due to an admin’s FB account being hacked and the password changed. You MUST protect your personal info and the business pages you manage by adding two-factor authorization. DO IT TODAY. Here’s how.

While you’re there, check out the approved admin’s on your business’s social media accounts. Are there people listed who have access to your account and are no longer working for you? Remove them asap.

For all the admins who have access to your business pages, make sure they have two-factor authorization as well. If their account is hacked, your business accounts could be in jeoprdy.

There is absolutely no specific reason your business pages see an increase in spam, sent spam messages or targeted in spam posts. It is an ongoing issue. Take the steps listed above and continue to report spam, ban people/pages and delete the comment/post.

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