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I'm Hillary Mathewson

Favorite colors: green and yellow

Favorite food: anything pasta AND anything chocolate

Favorite outdoor activity: paddle boarding! I have two boards - when you're in the Charlotte, NC area, let's hit the lake (I'm not kidding!) 

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I was raised in NH by parents who owned several small businesses. (Their ski shop was my favorite; it was their greatest accomplishment, running it for over 20 years. Sidenote: the winter coat displays were the perfect hiding spot for my sister and I and our fierce hide-and-seek games). Growing up in small-town New England in the 70's and 80's there were no big box stores; neighbors and friends ran businesses. I truly only knew small business as a way of life.

My first studio, Pottery Works, opened in Jacksonville, Florida in 1997, after a honeymoon in Canada and the discovery of a small, slope-side studio. I sold Pottery Works five years later when a move with my Navy husband took us around the US for a bit. I was painting custom handprint pieces and started consulting with new studios (my first was a great shop in Ocean Springs, MS). We eventually landed in Charlotte, NC where I opened my second studio, Art Space Studio. I sold Art Space Studio late 2019, after running it for over twelve years.

The Creative Retailer represents

1 - Over 20 years in the PYOP industry as a business owner, teacher, speaker and leader

2 - Love of graphic design, creativity, innovation and learning

3 - Passion for small business - because literally, that's been my life


These three, as represented by TCR's logo, create the Sweet Spot that is The Creative Retailer.

PS: I like to share reading recommendations, as books can truly be transformational. Find all of my latest reads here

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