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Three bad habits you will eliminate with The Creative Retailer

1 - Guessing or making assumptions when marketing your studio 
TCR is on top of the creative industry trends and marketing best-practices. You will always be in the loop, planning each month's marketing like a marketing pro.  

2 - Getting sidetracked and losing valuable time
Time IS money. Distractions have become so commonplace that you often don't even realize you're distracted. TCR's bank of 900+ images - collections organized by theme - means you can quickly and easily select graphics to drop in or edit to fit your needs. No more surfing your device for past images, sidetracked by everything on your device. 

3 - Going about marketing all alone
Whether you're an army of one, oversee a small crew, or run an established business, you can do so much more - and learn so much more! - when your marketing team is comprised of other business owners just like you! Our TCR community discusses, shares, celebrates and supports each other. TCR is all about the support of a community plus the many benefits of being an informed, updated and confident marketer. 

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