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Design Tips For Using Canva to Brand Marketing Photos

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but a great photo, edited with your logo and other unique and recognizable enhancements, makes it speak volumes! And MEGA BONUS, when you are consistent with your design and message, your audience will easily spot you in the overly-crowded online space (aka The Sweet Spot).

How do you maintain consistency when editing your photos? Here are some tips:


Including it on your images creates that brand recognition you're after. Logos do not include your website, phone number, etc., so leave those off (often, as you'll see in some of the next images, the logo is small - but still recognizable - and the website, etc. would be illegible).


These images both use the same font for the message (in the same place on the photo). Create consistency by sticking to one font (and, as the clay examples show, one font per theme/message is a great idea).


Sometimes an image isn't conducive to text only (you can't read it), so creating a slightly transparent overlay (box, rectangle, circle - any shape!) helps the message become legible and clearly defined. To reinforce consistency and be recognizable, use the same color overlay.


These images have been dressed up with confetti and colored dots, supporting each message's theme. Don't get too heavy with decorative elements, as it can detract from the image and create visual confusion. For consistency, consider using the same decorative element when promoting a specific image/message (for example, the same confetti on all of your party images).


Show the love! Make them smile, laugh, think. This is human-to-human interaction - albeit through a simple image - and that simple image needs to express a clear message. By crafting content that's clear AND easily recognized (aka The Sweet Spot), YOU WIN.

Finally, you do not need to edit every single photo. When you capture an image that speaks for itself, let it do just that.

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