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The Creative Retailer Membership

- 2,500+ stock photos, graphics and templates (new images added monthly) on the members portal

- Canva links to make editing and branding a breeze

- Guides, tutorials, courses: live and recorded how-to's for editing, branding and time-saving marketing and design tips (the Coffee Mug Switch Guide is the #1 downloaded guide)


- Email: Your Selling Machine: a 6-week online course, taken at your own pace

- Marketing support: your studio is a unique business and your marketing must be creative

- Community: like-minded studio owners sharing, celebrating and supporting each other

$379/year (save $79 with CCSA promo code); or $129/quarter




Social Media Manager

- Your studio's Facebook and Instagram posts will be scheduled every day of the month 

- 4-6 additional posts each month from TCR's Everyone Creates series

- Check in and review which posts convert (clicks, sign-ups and sales), and plan how to grow your reach using the most successful content

- Ongoing marketing and design support

- Free membership to The Creative Retailer


upgrade or cancel anytime

Email Marketing 

- Two emails are designed and sent monthly (around the first and fifteenth)


- Emails feature your events, inventory, updates and parties; links send readers to your site for sign-ups, landing pages, etc. 


Five days after every email is sent, receive a cumulative report of email stats (list growth, opens, clicks, sales and unsubscribes)


- Review which emails are best at converting to clicks, sign-ups and sales

- Work together to grow your email list sign-ups (on your website, in the studio and POS) every single month

- Free membership to The Creative Retailer


upgrade or cancel anytime


Social Media Manager and Email Marketing

- All of the services and benefits of the Social Media Manager program PLUS posts to TikTok, Pinterest and LinkedIn


- All of the services and benefits of the Email Marketing program 

- Work together to grow your social media reach,  email opens and email conversions


upgrade or cancel anytime

Social Media Manager, Email Marketing and website maintenance

- All of the services and benefits of the Social Media Manager program


- All of the services and benefits of the Email Marketing program

- Monthly website updates (homepage photo and content updates), edits and SEO checks, mobile-friendly and mobile-responsive fine-tuning


cancel anytime

I am so excited!  I’ve been scrolling through … playing with marketing pics in Canva, printing and reading through the Holiday Planner… and more!  Thank you again for all you are offering to us as PYOP studio’s. I should have hopped on way before now, for sure!!! Thanks too for pics with our brand/logo added. I have used Canva for years… and how you have everything set up/connected is perfect…LOVE IT!!! Can you see I’m a bit past excited???!!!

I signed up for the images. But TCR is so much more than that. All the bonus info on marketing and the planners have really helped us. There is so much added value in this membership.

Hillary is a joy to work with. She creates emails that get results and she gives me great ideas that help grow my business!

It’s 10:30am and I already have 2 camp sign ups, a resin class sign up, a kids egg class and a party booking since my email hit mail boxes this morning!! Made about $1,000 and we don’t open for another 1/2 an hour.

* Instagram posts: Your studio's IG page must be a business page, not a personal page. Please refer to this easy how-to guide for why you want to make that change and how to quickly change over to a business page (with no interruptions or changes to your page or followers).

** Videos and/or content shared to your studio's TikTok, Pinterest and/or YouTube accounts: you will send me the content and when you want it published. I will not be creating this content, however you can have me post content that I have already posted on your FB/IG accounts. The activity on these platforms will be determined by you.

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