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Free 6-week course

From growing your list to sending emails that convert, the 6-week course has it all. Communicating directly - and often - with your customers simply means you are selling more. 

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A list of the most important marketing channels for your business plus a calendar ready for your monthly strategies. Start making plans - and progress! - today. 

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I am here for YOU! Since starting TCR, I've worked one-on-one with members, fine-tuning websites, branding, social media and email. Need help? Ask! 

Yes, in addition to hundreds of images, marketing tools + insight, there's MORE!

Your bonuses...



year opened (by you or another person)

did you buy an existing business? If yes, when did you buy it (mo/year) 

number of employees 

do you have a manager

t-shirt shirt size

food allergies

there will be a bunk room where most attendees will stay. Is that ok? But you don't have to share a bed

may we send this info to our speakers so that they can prepare for their presentation (not t-shirt size!). They may send you an email ahead of time with a few brief questions, as well. This is so that they can provide the best and most accurate info for you

Location: 40 minutes from Charlotte Douglas Int'l Airport

- waterfront 

- pics

Registration includes:

SESSIONS and professional development


- Arrive anytime Monday, October 2 after 1pm - no scheduled sessions or activities other than water, house etc paddle boards

- breakfast Tues, Wed, Thurs

- lunch Tues, Wed

- dinner and dessert Tues (we are going to a restaurant Wed and everyone is responsible fore their drinks and meal)

- drinks on hand the entire event: coffee, tea, Sprite, water, orange juice (BYOB any alcohol, beer, wine, etc - a grocery store is nearby to purchase)

- snacks on hand the entire event


Navigating The Middle

You and Your Business:

Ensuring They Both Keep Getting Better

Oct 2 - Oct 5, 2023
The following info will be shared with the event's guest speakers to help them prepare for their work with you. This information will not be made public or shared with other attendees before, during or after the event. 
E-commece: what do you sell/book online?
T-shirt size

Thanks for registering. See you there!

ABOVE - $175 old PP for orig signups for SMM and Emails ($ went up 4.14.23 to $195)

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