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QR Codes: Enhancing the customer experience

Updated: Aug 8, 2023

A Quick Response (QR) code is a tool that works similarly to a barcode, but with the ability to hold more and different types of data. Each QR code is unique and can direct the user to a website link, product landing page, promotional details, a coupon or almost any other information.

When the QR code is scanned using a smart device, encrypted information is quickly shown on the device. Anyone with a smartphone can read QR codes with almost no setup; most smartphones today come with the technology built in. The user simply hovers their camera over the QR code and a notification pops, taking them to a web page, video, information, etc.

How do I create a QR code?

There are several QR code generators available. Many of these options are free - some will even let you display your logo on the QR code. You will determine the type of information you want to share; the generator will give you the option to select from various content types, like email, MP3, SMS, Facebook, text, etc. If you want the QR code to direct a person to your website, you’d select “URL” as the content type and add your link to the form.

Free QR code generator: make yours in Canva Pro or at

There are many QR-code-generating platforms that charge a monthly fee, offering expanded services like dynamic code. Dynamic coding let you change the information once you’ve created the QR code, whereas you can’t alter static codes. Dynamic codes come in handy if you may need to edit details after the generator has created your code. For example, if you’re promoting an event and the start time changes, you can simply revise that information in the QR code. You won’t have to make a new one from scratch and worry about customers potentially having the wrong information from the original QR code.

TIP: you can make a QR code a "click or pic" image. (Thank you, coffee, for that perfect name!).

By making your image a clickable link - to the page your QR code is sending people - it makes for a great option when sharing in an email or social media post. Where do your customers often read email and scroll social media? On their phone! Try it out below.

Be sure to track your code’s performance

Check the analytics and monitor the amount of traffic - and sales conversions! - from each QR code. Understand how they are performing and use the results to make adjustments, and most importantly, continue to create codes for the most successful ones (which code is getting the cash register ringing?).

How do I use QR codes to reinforce my brand?

The ability to quickly and easily share your business with a targeted audience means you have tremendous opportunities! Your warm audience (your customer base who already know AND love you!) is primed and ready to continue buying. You can skip the "this is what we do" and go right to selling. Include a QR code in an email with a teaser: "we know you love creating with organic material - and we're so excited to share this new organic line with you!"

For an enhanced customer experience, include a QR code on your to-go kit's instruction card that links to a video with further project instructions, alternative ideas for the project and options for their next to-go kit. What a great opportunity for one of your enthusiastic staff!

Selling to a cold audience (they don't know you ... yet) means engaging, educating and creating a journey where they can see themselves creating in your space. Lower the barrier of entry - you don't need to be an artist to enjoy an afternoon with us - by featuring fun videos (even a collection of still images) and photos of people in action, testimonials and a quick tour.

Post a QR code in your store's front window to capture the foot traffic walking by (“you pass by us everyday on your way to work, now it’s time to see what we do in here!”). Or reach your entire community with a sticker on your car (“experience a painting party!”). Park near the front of Target or the grocery store for maximum exposure.

Consider how you can use QR codes in your business, from creating a unique sales tool to increasing the average sale or booking more classes with your current customer base. Let's discuss ideas in the Facebook community!

PS - did you scan the QR code? (Jump on a desktop to scan)

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