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Batching social media posts

Even as a creative retailer, your head can spin when it’s time to get clever and creative (and funny, and engaging) when creating posts for your social media channels. Can we all have a collective scream?!

Why is it important, most especially as a creative shop owner, to be consistent with your posts and your messages - and not just (somewhat) arbitrarily share the last “pretty good” photo you took in your store?

You’re taking your audience on a journey, using cohesive photos and content and stories. Haphazard posting doesn’t create a story, or an organized and logical progression for your customer to buy from you. To hit The Sweet Spot - and to keep your customers on an uncluttered journey - takes organizing and planning.

Let’s talk about batching your social media posts. Batching is the act of grouping tasks together so they’re done at one time. That’s it! Here’s an extreme example of batching: showering! You wouldn't get in, wash your hair, then get out and send some emails. Then get back in, wash your face and then get out and make lunch ... you get it. You do it all at once and then move on to the next task.

Batching your social media posts is simply dedicating a set day and time to schedule all your posts. The time spent will depend on the frequency; if you batch every Monday morning for the upcoming week, it will likely be about 30 minutes. If you batch a month’s worth of posts in one sitting, it may be an hour or two. But THAT’S IT! For the month! And it’s off your list!

Batching tips:

- Keep a notebook handy or take notes on your phone. I text myself notes, thoughts and ideas ALL the time. Whenever you have an idea for a post or a story, GET IT DOWN somewhere. You will not remember it when you sit down to batch (trust me).

- The day of batching: first, use your brainstorming notes and create a theme or a story or a commonality - whether the posts are tied together by images, a season, merchandise or classes - and be sure your posts are cohesive and stay true to your brand. Remember, The Sweet Spot is your consistent brand. And it’s about leading your customer to your store to engage, create and buy.

- Yes, you can repost previous posts that did well! As a matter of fact, this is highly encouraged and very successful for continuing to grow engagement.

- Be sure you are creating posts that encourage engagement. Get your audience reacting and commenting.

- Extend the reach of your posts: when relevant, tag a local business in one of your posts (type @business name - no space between @ and the business name). The business will be notified that you tagged them (AND their audience!) and they'll be so happy! This increases their exposure, and the likelihood that you’ll be tagged in future posts.

When a fan likes and comments on a post that you really hadn't thought about - because you scheduled it five days ago! - it is AWESOME! And instead of trying to figure out what you were going to post that morning, you were doing something else you needed to get done. You created time to get more done!

I'm so excited for you to feel the freedom and success that is batching.

Keep up your dedicated work on The Sweet Spot!

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