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Creating an Email That Makes You Money

Updated: Mar 14, 2022

How you design your email is just as important as what you write

Reduce what your reader has to think about

- It's not a good idea to include a lot of events, photos, links and text

- Limit the number of offers and/or call to action (CTA) items: ideally have one CTA (what do you want the reader to do?)

- It's not a great idea to have more than two buttons (it dilutes the entire email and all of your messages; it's hard to scan and focus on one offer)


- Clean, simple and easy to read on mobile devices

- Use one headline font and one body text font

Design the email to be quick and easy to consume

- Use short, scannable copy

- Most of your emails do not need to be long-form (paragraphs of text)

- Have a clear visual hierarchy (picture above of the inverted pyramid)

- Design a one-column email; it's easier to scan and see on mobile

- Place the CTA above the fold (the reader does not need to scroll to act on the CTA; this increases the effectiveness of the CTA)

- Try the squint test: look at your email, squinting, and you should clearly see the inverted pyramid and CTA button

- Design for mobile devices first and foremost

And then crafty your subject line carefully. Do not make it too long and do not make it too generic (or boring, unengaging and without any tease about what you want the reader to do).

Subject: Fall newsletter, 2021


Subject: This clay class is a favorite and only four seats remain!

Piques the reader's interest and creates urgency

What makes crafting a converting email even easier? An email platform that provides templates for you to drop in your info and send! Constant Contact is my preferred email platform (I've used them for over 15 years!). I'd love to help you get started, OR improve your open rate, just reach out!

And my six-week course, Email: Your Selling Machine, covers it ALL

-Week one: signups and growing your list

-Week two: lead magnets and growing your list

-Week three: make the most of email platforms

-Week four: designing emails for selling

-Week five: your audience - segmenting for sales

-Week six: scheduling for success

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