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Where do your customers find you?

Don't guess at this important information! There are so many marketing channels, it's impossible to successfully manage them all. AND YOU DON'T WANT TO! Your marketing efforts need to be laser-focused.

Good news: one quick question in an email, with a choice of clickable answers, means this important info is only a click away.

In your next email, include a section for your customers to choose where they primarily get your updates. This can be done a few different ways. I have found that a simple, clear question with clickable images (and a giveaway!) yield the best results.

The image below is from a sample email I created. It has a header (the question) and then four separate image blocks. When a marketing icon is clicked, it sends the reader to a response page on my website (all icons link to the same response page).

Why four separate image blocks? Because the links are trackable! Your email platform will tell you exactly how many people clicked on each link (this is where your readers are seeing you!).

Of course you can make the choices whatever marketing channels you want, but don't go too crazy with options (no more than four or five).

Below is the sample landing page on my website that all responders land on. Bonus! Now it's time to get just a little more info from them. This premade feedback form was created in Wix. Most website platforms will have a form you can drop in and customize. This also gives you the chance for your customer to add their feedback - and then use those testimonials in future marketing and on your website!

A few notes:

- This will require adding and editing a new page (and form) in your website.

- The form on your website can have a section to expand on your original question, where do you find us? It can be a written response or a box to check with suggestions like texting, live videos, etc.

- Be sure to look closely at your responses. The clicks from your email images PLUS all of the feedback from the online form submissions will provide valuable guidance for your marketing plans. (Not everyone who clicks from your email will fill out the form.)

- Email: is your list updated? Are you sending emails? Email is so important, especially with the ever-changing rules (and cost) of social media. Look for a free 6-week email course starting March 17. Sign up for more info on the homepage.

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