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Why is no one responding?

Updated: Aug 21, 2023

How often do you feel like your marketing isn't seen? And what can you do about it?

I feel this studio owner's pain and sheer frustration.

In a recent FB post, she asks her customers "I'm giving you what you want, so why is no one responding?".

There was a huge response, but it wasn't directed at the classes, events and camps she's offering. Her people replied (85 times over): we don't see your posts!

The original post and some of her customer's replies:

So how does one create marketing that converts?

Marketing to drive traffic into your store (repeatedly) can be broken down into two areas: digital marketing and in-studio marketing.

The foundation for your digital marketing

1: Your website: updated and mobile-friendly

2: Emails* (sent two to three times a month): these are not lengthy, info-packed, photo-overloads of studio news and updates. Highlight an upcoming class, an event, a new product or your birthday parties, including a photo/graphic with each highlight. And the biggie: a call to action. What do you want your customer to do? Book that party? Sign up for the event? Tell them with a button or a link. Every email should send them to your site to buy, sign-up or register - or send them directly into your studio

3: Facebook**

4: Instagram

5: Google: your business page stays updated with photos and reviews

6: Texting: like email, those who sign up WANT to receive your info

7: TikTok, YouTube, Twitter (these are all maybe's: it comes down to where your customers are)

*Emails: If the studio owner gleans anything from her post, it's that she should communicate more directly with her customers. They even suggest using email to send studio updates:

** Schedule a daily post on FB and IG (photos of your customers painting, a photo of new piece of pottery, an upcoming class or event, promote parties or group outings). Definitely post your events on FB. Remember, FB and IG are two very different audiences and platforms. Meta allows to you create posts simultaneously for both platforms, but alter each for best performance (ie: you can't click on a link on an IG post, so it's not recommended to include them).

At the time of this writing, second quarter 2023, the visibility of a regular FB post (aka organic reach) is UNDER 4%. That means less than 4% of your followers will ever see it in their feed. (Plenty of proof in those screenshots above!) Despite that depressingly low number, a studio must be present - and consistent - on the platform.

Of course, there are specific strategies to increasing visibility on any social media platform. One customer's response from the FB post above hits it square on the head: she's seeing the post because so many people are responding (aka it's engaging content). Unfortunately, the post was engaging for all the wrong reasons.

All platforms where content is shared - FB, IG, Pinterest, LinkedIn, TikTok, Twitter/X, YouTube, Snapchat - behave in a manner that serves those companies best: in essence, by making you pay to play. YOU are their customer. They're in business to make money. You want to be seen? You'll have to pay to be seen. And that doesn't always mean those dollars you spend convert to sales.

The foundation for your in-studio marketing

1: Asking customers to join your email list and follow you on social media - every visit (including those just looking)

2: Word of mouth: ask those customers - who just had an awesome experience - to let their friends know. Have a QR code at your POS for Google reviews

3: Signage: at your POS, mixed in with your displays/on your shelves, in the party room and in the restroom(s)

4: Window displays and signage

5: Your staff: training should include how and when to discuss upcoming events and classes. New seasonal inventory. New techniques. They are on the front lines and should understand how important their position is for building repeat business.

Help your customers plan their next visit while they are in your store TODAY.

Please do not let marketing weigh you down. It can be overwhelming if you let it, and that's why I emphasize to keep it simple: put on your blinders (don't look to the sides where all these platforms and opportunities are beckoning you - all the time), stick to your plan, and be consistent. Your attention will be pulled in many directions as you run your studio, and marketing needs your time, but don't make it wasted time.

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